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Welcome to our new Gold IRA Video! In this informational video you will learn what a Gold IRA is, the difference between gold IRA Rollover companies, and some gold backed IRA reviews.

So, what is a gold IRA? A gold IRA is an IRA or individual retirement account where gold silver and other precious metals are held by a custodian to manage the account. The functionality of the gold IRA is the exact same as the traditional or simple IRA. Instead of having paper assets such as stocks, bonds, and currency. A self directed gold IRA holds its assets in physical gold, silver, and over precious metals in the forms of: coins, bullion, or bars.

It is simple to rollover or transfer your current 401(k) or IRA to a gold backed IRA with precious metals. In our opinion, out of the top 10 gold IRA companies, the best gold IRA custodian is Regal Assets. Simply fill out a short form and you’ll be soon on your way to protecting your retirement account from the volatility of stocks, bonds and currency inflation, by the best gold backed IRA rollover company: Regal Assets.

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