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A self-directed IRA is an individual retirement account that some financial institutions in the United States provide. This gives you access to alternative investments for retirement savings. A few examples of alternative investments are: real estate private equity, stock, private mortgages, limited partnerships, precious metals such as gold and silver, and other IP. read more

Gold IRA Rollover Reviews

Gold IRA Rollover Reviews: – 1-844-612-7162 : How To Convert Your 401K To Gold Rollover Self Directed IRA

Welcome to the gold IRA rollover reviews video: how to convert your 401K to gold IRA rollover.

Savvy investors such as yourself are taking advantage of the new asset classes with precious metals so there are a lots of questions out there for first time investors who are looking into a gold IRA rollover and looking for information about how to convert a 401K to gold. read more

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With a standard 401k you can only hold gold in the form of ETFs or mutual funds. This is considered “Paper gold”. If you want to invest directly in gold and silver, Precious metals, you need to form a self-directed IRA. With a self directed IRA, Gold and silver. In order to receive the tax benefits and no penalties for moving these funds you need to do it with the proper company, and you do not actually take possession of the Gold. The gold is stored in government approved vaults until you are 65 and then you can receive the funds from the gold or the physical gold directly. read more

Are Gold IRA Safe And A Good Idea?

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If you are an IRA owner, you may be slightly concerned about the current economic state including the stocks bonds and foreign currency markets. This is not an uncommon fear amongst most common people nowadays. Even if you are a smart and savvy investor with safe fixed income investments you’re retirement is still controlled by interest rates that are currently very low and possess the high risk of future inflation. This sense of uneasiness has caused an alarming amount of savvy investors to move portions of their current IRA’s which are based on paper, into a more tangible and liquid asset, also possessing the positive upside for increasing value, such as precious metals including gold and silver. read more